Wednesday, 23 November 2011

3. Bella's List .... of things to destroy!

              So you heard about the duck statue, the flower pots and the pond pump hose. And now we have discovered why our Sky suddenly lost its connection last night: Bella had chewed through the little bit of cable before it goes through the hole in the wall to the lounge!  Will have to ask the tech to site it a little higher!  On top of that, it appears that the electric cable for the pond pump – not just the water hose – has been chewed! Amazing the fish are still in the pond – well they were the last time I looked!

              The washing machine problems we cannot blame on Bella – I don’t think! And I don’t think the water seeping out of the main down-pipe has anything to do with her – or at least I hope not! She has dismantled the trellis which was along the same wall, but nah! it can’t be connected!

             The vet has seen her for the last time regarding her leg and he doesn’t want her taking long walks just yet – long as in 1hour. So somehow we’ve got to get rid of all the frustration and energy without taking long walks and playing rough! Mmmmm! Poor thing! She’s missing out on puppy-hood!
Who? Me?

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