Wednesday, 22 August 2012

That blows that theory!

      If the early morning walk is ‘good’, that is Bella isn’t pulling at every floating leaf or smelling every footstep, then the lunch-time walk is horrible!  This morning’s walk she was, apparently, bad! So I confidently set out on the lunch-time walk expecting a reasonably obedient and happy doggy.

      Our village butcher has a half-day closing and perhaps the rabbits thought they were safe to run around, or perhaps the undergrowth creatures didn’t want an afternoon siesta. Or maybe, just because it’s a cooler and more pleasant day than it has been all week, it was just the afternoon for country lane games!

      Whatever the reason, it wasn’t the afternoon to take Bella across those fields!  She pounced into the nettles, nearly tripped over her own nose on the ground, and snorted as if she was being strangled.

      Consequently, by the time we’d got halfway through the walk (after only 20minutes) she was emotionally exhausted and far more obedient. :)

      The last 15 minutes of the walk were pleasant moments of owner and dog enjoying the gentle breeze, watching the cottony seeds floating across fields and happily traipsing home!

      Which is why she is now .........

... tuckered out on the lounge floor!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bella's Mixed Bag!

      Not much happening in the life or times of Bella lately. She goes for walks, sleeps, eats just a little, kills her duck (soft toy!), and generally hangs around!

      Last week she needed a new collar so for the first time went with us into the big Pets At Home shop.  So many strangers passing so close! So many smells, including guinea pigs and rabbits, but the experience was too stressful and confusing to bother!  A few people stopped to admire her and ask about her breed, as expected, and not only did she come away with a new collar but also an un-stuffed duck soft toy, with a squeaker in its head!  Quite a hit! After just a week the duck’s eye is hanging by a thread, but otherwise it has so far survived! The special present Megan brought back from Zambia lies untouched next to her bed! She’s a soft cuddly dog and doesn’t like the hard raw-hide chew toy, so she also hasn’t found the treat which is apparently hidden inside!

      A couple of days ago hubby was not feeling up to the early morning walk so I (reluctantly) shuffled out and ended up being out for an hour and a half! Bella was really good on the short lead – I don’t use the flexi-lead anymore – and was responsive …. mostly! Once we got to the really muddy bits alongside the River Orwell which she didn’t mind one tiny little bit, but since I only had trainers on, I did mind, we turned around and trudged back home. A 4½km walk which was fairly pleasant – straight out of bed!

     This morning, hubby was again not feeling too well so instead of going out for a walk, he opened the back door and told Bella to do her thing on her own!  She was OK until I greeted her at the bottom of the stairs but I didn’t pick up the lead. It was then she must have decided to take herself on a walk and once again found the secret (that is, we don’t know where it is) opening into the neighbour’s garden!  8am was a bit early to knock on said elderly neighbour’s door to ask for our dog back, so we waited about half an hour, and kept an eye on her from upstairs knowing she couldn’t escape but she might trample a prized flowerbed! Fortunately elderly neighbours are very understanding and allowed her to leave their paradise! Needless to say she was confined to her own bed in the kitchen for the morning and any attempt to sneak into the lounge was met with a stern reprimand from Mum!

(Mine, not theirs!)

     At tea on Sunday evening someone brought up the subject of whether animals have consciences! Despite hearing a preacher adamantly say that dogs don’t have consciences, this someone could tell many a story of how his dogs had shown human childlike traits....... like after stealing the chicken waiting to be Sunday’s roast!

     So life goes on as normal! An early morning ‘good’ walk generally means a lunch time ‘bad’ walk and vice versa! Pleading eyes and ears pinned back beg forgiveness and eagerly accept ................... and forget!

But we love you Bella!