Sunday, 5 February 2012

11. Happy Snowy Birthday Bella!

According to the Blue Cross when we adopted Bella in October 2011, Bella was probably born in February 2011. That makes her 1 year old this month! Will she consider fun in the snow as her birthday party?!
It's unfortunate that we can't let her go loose, but she'd be a dot on one of those yachts down at Pin Mill before we knew it!
 I'm sure that dead rabbit is still here somewhere!

 The local tobaggoning slope looking over Pin Mill.

 (Lucy in the yellow jacket!)

 Cold bum!

And did she have fun? 
Firstly by almost tripping a lady on the path ......

Bella managed to go around the lady so I had to drop the extender lead. Fortunately she doesn't like the big red thing - it makes quite a clank when dragged across the tiled conservatory floor! - so when she saw it coming after her, she stopped and waited for me! The lady was unhurt and understood as she is a dog owner herself - thank you ma'am!

And then in the field .....

 She was convinced there was something down there!

So with three walks on the lead out into the white fields, and one short excursion into the garden which wasn't enjoyed that much, Bella returns to a warm bed a happy - exhausted - pup!

Happy Birthday Bella!

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