Wednesday, 22 August 2012

That blows that theory!

      If the early morning walk is ‘good’, that is Bella isn’t pulling at every floating leaf or smelling every footstep, then the lunch-time walk is horrible!  This morning’s walk she was, apparently, bad! So I confidently set out on the lunch-time walk expecting a reasonably obedient and happy doggy.

      Our village butcher has a half-day closing and perhaps the rabbits thought they were safe to run around, or perhaps the undergrowth creatures didn’t want an afternoon siesta. Or maybe, just because it’s a cooler and more pleasant day than it has been all week, it was just the afternoon for country lane games!

      Whatever the reason, it wasn’t the afternoon to take Bella across those fields!  She pounced into the nettles, nearly tripped over her own nose on the ground, and snorted as if she was being strangled.

      Consequently, by the time we’d got halfway through the walk (after only 20minutes) she was emotionally exhausted and far more obedient. :)

      The last 15 minutes of the walk were pleasant moments of owner and dog enjoying the gentle breeze, watching the cottony seeds floating across fields and happily traipsing home!

      Which is why she is now .........

... tuckered out on the lounge floor!

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