Monday, 21 January 2013

Under the White Stuff!

     It's winter again. It's snowing again!

     During last year's snow Bella was just under a year old and she'd been with us for just a few months, and she was like a hyperactive 4-year old! This year she is nearly a doggy-mature two year old, has responded to training over the year and is a very much loved part of the family.

However when it comes to S N O W, Bella is still excited - much like any normal child! She is totally convinced that the rabbits are just waiting under a thin layer of snow for her!

She sees the neighbours with their efficient plastic snow shovels and tries to help them using her own muzzle!

Most of all she's convinced there is all sorts of wild life darting under the snow, under the bushes and her hunting instinct is in the ON position!

This morning the back garden looked beautiful, peaceful, untouched, white .....

..... then Bella & I attacked it!

And then I got a little braver and took her out to the front, where the pavements were being cleared, but no cars were venturing on the road. I use the word 'braver', because I was in no mood to be a human sledge being pulled by a wanna-be husky tearing down our icy road! But look at her - she was so controlled!

 Ok, so she didn't respond to a lazy, unconvincing 'Come' ....
... but she trotted back inside quite happily. No Staffie stubbornness! Still on the lead, please note! Not taking any chances!

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