Thursday, 18 July 2013

The early morning walk to Pin Mill

     Daddy’s gone away for a few days! Bella pined a little, wondered where he was, and worried when he wasn’t the one clipping on the flexi lead at 7am!

    But despite crawling out of bed at 6.30am the morning walks down to Pin Mill have been a pleasure.

     Just because it was very, very slightly cooler this morning, just because there was more cloud cover than before, does not mean the weather was going to give up on the summer 'heat-wave'!  With the sun glinting on the Orwell River, classic barges with red sails furled, yacht masts, little dinghys ready to be rowed out to the moorings - who could ask for more!

          With a look of determination, Bella headed through the muddy flats to ....

    .....  the cooling (cleansing!) waters of the Grindle alongside the Orwell.  Earlier in the week she had a totally manic moment and still on the lead, she suddenly dashed from the Grindle on to the roadway and back into the water! Fortunately she's aware of her turning circle and I was in no danger at any point of being pulled into the water or flat on my face with a dislocated shoulder! But it was lovely to see her so excited and having fun!

    I was a little worried about the wade in the water since at high tide she wouldn't be able to see the edge of "the hard" - the concrete area stretching out into the river. So that little activity was curtailed.

     She seems to think it's great fun running through the little stream and scrambling up the bank on the other side to Pin Mill Common. Mum would probably get quite muddy doing the same and the 'proper' way on to the Common is via the teeny bridge further on. This is a favourite lunch time stop to just sit. And watch. And sit. And enjoy! There's something magical about water. Whether it's sitting on the rocks listening to waves crashing at St James beach, Cape Town, or watching gallons of water cascade hundreds of metres down a Howick rock face. Or just the quiet lapping of water on a shoreline and crisp white sails bobbing gently ...... Even Bella enjoys it!

        Ever the polite, well-behaved, kind, conscientious Shiba-Inu x Staffie, Bella also ensures she's aware of all warnings and notices!

     The walk back home is a little slower and far more controlled. A satisfying morning!

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