Thursday, 20 March 2014

Things That Go Bump In The Night! or Bellas That Go THUMP In The Night!

9.30pm Wednesday night – routine ‘wee’ walk done; wee not done! Too many smells and shadows being blown around by the gentle night-time wind.

10pm Wednesday night – out of routine wee walk done, by Daddy when he came home! Wee done - Whew!  
(Just because it was Mummy doing the 9.30 instead of Daddy! Hmph!)

10.30pm Wednesday night – say goodnight to already-sleeping Bella in her bed, switch kitchen light off, close kitchen door.

11.30pm Wednesday night – just as I’m powering down computer – “THUMP!” 

Desperate puppy-like scratching at kitchen door! 
Tiny, panicky, whiney squeaks accompany another “THUMP!” against kitchen door!

What the heck was that?! 

Why is Bella so frantic? 

Who’s there? 

What’s scared her? 

No barking.

Go downstairs. Carefully open door, expecting …. Dunno! What would you expect?!


Curled up in bed. 

Blinking as if she’s been rudely awakened at an unearthly hour after she’s been sleeping for hours already!


Say goodnight - again. 

Switch kitchen light off. 

Close kitchen door.  

 Go upstairs, last few bedtime routine stuff – 


Leaning over the banister it sounds like our Bella is running and scrabbling around the kitchen, like she does in the lounge in her excitable, happy state.

Go downstairs. 

Open kitchen door. 

Bella curled up in bed!! 

Do we perhaps have a sleep-runner?!

Gentle, loving Daddy tenderly strokes the sleepy puppy's head and talks in soft tones to reassure her.

Goodnight Bella.

Switch off light.

Close kitchen door.

Go upstairs.

Climb into bed.

12.30am - "bleep! bleep"  Whatsapp message  ..... 

No, not Bella!

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