Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mistaken identity ?

A friend overheard ....... a conversation that suggested ...... that Bella - Our Bella - had scratched him and should she should wear a muzzle! :O

NO! Our Bella?!  Our Bella who (1) turns away from people when they try and pet her? (2) Who takes a wide berth around any human she meets on walks and then sneakily sniffs them from a safe distance behind? (3) Who is never off the lead outside of the house?

Mistaken Identity me thinks!!

Yes, she still barks at the postman - from the top of the stairs! Yes, she still barks at people coming through the front door who she's seen do every Sunday and Wednesday evening since November 2011! But its more like a 'Hello!' and she's happy to be petted by those she's got to know. If you haven't been to the house before, she won't even come into the lounge to say hello. So no, she would never get near enough to scratch a human she's never met before!! Hopefully the mistake will be discovered!

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